Research Shows Spending Time With Family Is Critical To Your Well-Being And Family Reconcile Can Mentor You Through That Process

In our world of pervasive screen time and social media, many of us have actually become less social in the ways that are not only beneficial, but essential to our mental and physical well-being. A Cigna study from the American Journal of Health Promotion indicated that excessive social media use is one of the biggest risk factors for loneliness.

A PLOS ONE study showed that participants’ stress, happiness, and well-being levels were better predicted by their social circle strength than by the physical health data collected on a fitness tracker. This shows just how important time with family (or close friends you call family) is to your physical and mental health.

The benefits of spending time with family is such a critical component of a full, meaningful life. Remember, family doesn’t necessarily have to be considered blood relatives. Close friends, a guardian, or step siblings are well within the realm of who you consider family.

BENEFIT – Improves Mental Health Spending time with family—especially face-to-face communication, as opposed to digital—significantly reduces the occurrence of depression, anxiety, and other mental illness. Being physically present with loved ones creates a strong emotional support to buoy you up through life’s challenges. If this kind of family dynamic is desired, however has been elusive in your family, contact Family Reconcile Support. Through our exclusive mentorship program we often bring about the desired results people seek with estranged relationships. Additionally we can help bring about the desired changes in yourself personally, changes that will nourish your soul, and enrich your life. The real question Family Reconcile helps you uncover is – what do you really want for yourself and your relationships ?