Why You Need A Mentor To Successfully Reconnect / Repair A Relationship

The Search Institute describes the building blocks of a solid mentoring relationship as Expressing Care, Challenging Growth, Sharing Power, Providing Support, and Expanding Possibilities. Weaving these ideas into your mentoring relationship can help solidify your connection to your mentee as a developmental relationship.

A mentor does not fix you, a mentor empowers you.What obstacle(s) in your life path do you need to overcome or relationship goals do you need to achieve to get to a different level in your life? This is a perfect place to start with a mentor. A huge misconception about having a mentor – A lot of people go into a mentor relationship believing their mentor will ride shotgun with them throughout their entire life from there on.

A true mentor / mentee relationship will set a soft deadline on an initial engagement from the beginning That way, there’s a natural exit after value has been provided. If you have great chemistry and want to continue speaking after that, that’s awesome. But it shouldn’t be the expectation. There should be an entry point, value provided, and a soft exit of achievement of results.

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