“DEFERENCE” – The Qualities Needed To Re-Connect With Family

Mediator Brett Lovett, of Familyreconcile.com, joins mediators Mac and Natalia of OPLawyers.org, to discuss “deference to others” as a quality individuals need to practice to reduce conflict and live in harmony. Relationships, whether they be in the family, workplace, or in society at large, can be challenging, especially after the great “reset” called covid pandemic.

How Humility Elevates You To A Level Of Greatness In The Eyes Of Others

Recent research finds “humility” is critical to successful, lasting and happy relationship building. And if the current study’s findings hold up in future research, say coauthors Everett Worthington of Virginia Commonwealth University and Carissa Dwiwardani of Regent University, “This might encourage family members to be less entrenched in defending their point of view during disagreements, more […]